Services We Provide

50+ Years of Experience


We have a large, well-designed showroom where we display our core products and popular sellers to give our customers the opportunity to try before they buy. We keep a huge range of ergonomic office chairs on the showroom where we recommend you give the goldilocks test a go, try until it is just right.

Design & Measure

If you are looking for office furniture for 3 + staff and are unsure how or where you are going to fit them, please feel free to give us a call.

One of our experienced sales staff will come out to your place of business with our trusty measuring tools and discuss budget, style, lead times & of course if it is going to fit.

But don’t stress we are not in the business of giving up, if what you want isn’t going to work we will find a solution that will. We will take all the measurements we require and go back to the shop to sketch up suitable layout options (to scale) to give you peace of mind that the furniture won’t be dumped on your door with no where to go.

Delivery & Installation

With a large percentage of all office furniture Australia wide coming in unassembled, thought and consideration needs to go into the decision of who is going to put it together.

Questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to do it yourself are:

How much is my time worth?

What happens if I assemble it incorrectly?

What happens to the warranty?

How long will it take?

We have multiple teams of delivery drivers & installers who have spent years honing their furniture assembly craft so you don’t have too.

We will get the furniture to you promptly and correctly assembled with no added stress.